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If you want to build a lasting, dependable income online, membership sites are the way to do it. And Constant Continuity not only creates a fully customized customer experience around your content... but you can cultivate a thriving community within your niche, when you control the cool place for your niche to congregate, you profit. If you want to build a lasting, dependable income online, membership sites are the way to do it.

If you want to build a lasting, dependable income online, membership sites are the way to do it. And Constant Continuity not only creates a fully customized customer experience around your content.

Membership Management

  • Unlimited Membership Projects There is no extra cost for you if you run multiple membership sites on multiple domains. You can create 1, 2 , 5 or even 100 membership sites under same plan.
  • Manage Members View, edit or delete members. Change member packages. Manually add members to your site. Turn a member active or inactive.
  • Process Cancellations You can either set your site to automatically process cancelations or you can chose to do it manually. This allows you to make a final call to your members before they cancel membership.
  • Import Members allowing you to bulk add members to your membership site. Their username and password will be auto generated. A great and painless way to migrate from your existing membership system to Constant Continuity.
  • Export Members allowing you to download your member's data on your computer for backup purpose.
  • Send Email to Members allowing you to broadcast your message to all or segments of your members. You can either send broadcast to all your members or based on filtered criteria.
  • Customize Email Template allowing you to define your own email messages that go out to your members on specific events, such as, when they join the site or when they cancel the membership.

Discussion Forum

Private Members Only Discussion Forum

You don't have to install any separate scripts or plugin to launch your forum, it is built directly into Constant Continuity. Only registered members can access forum from their private login area.

Edit Forum Profile

Forum members can edit their basic information such as their forum signature text, their privacy settings etc.

Multiple Forum Rooms

Create a separate room for each topic. Discussion in a room are specifically related to the room topic

Moderate Discussions

As an administrator, you have full moderation controls over your forum. You can view , edit or delete discussions from administration area.

Members only Access to Forum

Your discussion forum can only be accessed by registered members and it will not be visible to visitors of site who have not registered an account with you.

Private Messaging for Forum Members

Forum members can send private messages to other members that will be emailed to their registered email address.

Members can edit their signature

Members can edit their signature which will be displayed under the posts they create or reply they make to a post on a thread. You can enable or disable signature support from forum settings in site administration area.

Avatars with Gravatars Support

Avatars with Gravatars Support members can either upload their own avatar images or they can use hosted gravatar service to show their image on forum posts. If no image is uploaded, default image will be shown.

Email Templates Management

Email Templates Management which will be displayed in a "downloads" box to the users in the portal. File type icons are available for many popular formats (pdf, doc, xls, etc)

Content Management

  • Private Content You can create private content that is only accessible by members who have registered and are logged in. Restrict private content access based on membership package. Sequentially drip content base on predefined time interval
  • Blog Posts Forum members can edit their basic information such as their forum signature text, their privacy settings etc.
    • Social Media Integration Allowing your visitors to share your interesting blog posts on Facebook or Twitter.
    • Sticky Posts allowing you to keep your important blog posts always showing on top.
    • Blog Categories allowing you to organize your content into logically identical categories of blog posts.
    • RSS Support allowing you to publish your content via RSS feeds.
    • Safe Comments Allowing your visitors to express their views about your post, comes with comment spam protection.
  • Add Text An easy to use WYSIWYG editor allows you to add content and images for your membership sites or blog posts. You need no special skills other than knowledge of word processing to add text content for your site. In fact it is so easy that even 4 year old kid would be able to add content with great ease.
  • Add Audio Offer Audio content to your members suck as mp3 , wav or avi recordings that can be automatically be plugged into an easy to use audio player.
  • Add Video If you have video already hosted, then you just need to give us video URL or Embed code. Our system will automatically pick video from your source and render it for your members. No need to install video player plugins. Auto detects Youtube , Google videos , viddler and other popular video hosting services, you just have to provide URL of video , that's it.
  • Private Content Comments Members can comment on your private content that is only accessible inside login area. This allows you to get valuable feedback from your members about your content and helps you improve quality of your content.
  • Blog Comments which lets the site users leave comments specific to the post they are viewing.
  • Sales Page Content You can create your own sales page and completely host it on our platform. You can easily modify content of your sales page without any technical skills using our easy to use WYSIWYG editor.
  • Site Public Pages Allowing you to create multiple pages for your site such as about us, contact us, privacy and legal documents.
  • Publish and Un-publish Content with a single click of a button, you can easily publish or un-publish your content.

Drag and Drop Sales Page Editor

  • On The Fly Editing: Edit Sales pages on the fly right with in your browser. Ad Text, Images, Videos and objects on the fly, just like you drag and drop icons in your word processor.
  • Sales Page Templates: Some 20 different color and style sales page templates that give you a wide variety to choose from. All colors and style templates are available.
  • Squeeze Page Templates: You can also choose from 12 High Converting squeeze page templates that are proven to convert at very high rates.
  • Save Drafts: Our Sales page editor keeps a copy of all changes you save as draft. Later you can recover a older version of template if you mistakenly screwed up with your sales page.
  • Drag and Drop Layers: Each object is created in an HTML layer that can be dragged and position of each item can be changed on sales page editor.
  • Add Amazon S3 Video: You can add video inside your sales page anywhere you point your cursor. It is just matter of few clicks and your video will be included in your Sales Page
  • Add Images: All your images will be hosted on Amazon S3, which you can later use inside your sales page editor.
  • Web 2.0 Graphics and Objects:
    Arrow 52 Boxes 10
    Bullet Points 50 Value Boxes 8
    Optin Boxes 29 Bullet List 18
    Add To Cart Button 70 Number List 13
    Order Boxes 25 Gurrantee Boxes 15
    Product Boxes 9 Attention Grabber 18
    Testimonial Boxes 27 Bonus Boxes 12

Design Features

  • 10 Beautiful Ready to Use Membership Themes Constant Continuity comes loaded 10 ready to use beautiful web 2.0 themes with most modern look and feel. You don't have to pay extra for these features, they come built in with Constant Continuity.
  • Custom Sales Page Design Our built in sales page designer allows you to conveniently change and tweak your hosted sales pages. Easily add text, images audios, video and testimonials to your sales page.
  • Graphics Header and Footer Customization allowing users to upload custom graphics that will show as header of their membership site. You can also conveniently customize your site footer.

Check Out Demo Of Our 10 Beautiful Built In Themese

Autoresponder Integration

Constant Continuity is integrated with following Email Service Providers

Payment and Billing Features

  • Paypal integrates seamlessly with Paypal PDT gateway. Setup paypal to receive one time or recurring payments.
  • Auth.net fully integrated with autorize.net AIM and ARB system. Capture credit cards of your members and bill them according to payment plan.
  • AlertPay most popular gateway after paypal, fully integrated.
  • 2CheckOut fully integrated, now your customers can pay through paypal using 2checkout too.
  • 1ShoppingCart integrate a recurring 1SC product with your membership site to independently run billing through 1SC
  • Other Supported Payment Gateways
    • Click Bank
    • WorldPay
  • More Gateways being added Constant Continuity is constantly being evolved based on user feedback and we are adding new features every few weeks.
  • Up to 3 Upsells / Down-sell Offers allowing you to design your own upsell pages using easy WYSIWYG editor set your own price for upsell and define behaviors of upsells.
  • Separate email message with every upsell which lets you specify an email message that will be sent to customers upon ordering a specific upsell. Very handy if you want to send out special download links to your upsell customers.
  • Signup Form Customization allowing you to completely control the look and feel and behavior of your membership signup form. Add or remove fields as you may desire. Apply validations on required field. Setup up to 10 custom fields and show them as text fields, drop downs, lists or radio buttons.
  • Up to 10 custom fields allowing you to specify additional fields in your signup form that are not part of default field set. For example, you may want to capture date of birth of your customers.
  • Discount Coupons which lets you specify a coupon code and control its validity. Members who have a coupon code can apply them on member signup form.
  • Manage Membership site Packages For each package created, you can create payment plans for weekly, monthly or annual payments. Specify your own price for each payment plan and define payment interval as you may desire.
  • Recurring and 1 Time Payment Plan Lets you specify either onetime payment or recurring payment terms for your payment plans.
  • Offer Free Trials Lets you create free trial offers on your membership site for desired interval of time. For example you can give away some content free for 30 days and after that you can start charging your members.
  • Members can Upgrade / Downgrade their Membership lets your members upgrade or down grade their membership packages.
  • Members can see their Billing History which lets them see how much they have paid and when will they be charged next.
  • Cool Add To Cart Buttons allowing you to choose from a collection of cool add to cart buttons and put it on your signup form.


  • Membership reports give you a great insight into how good your membership site is doing. See stats in following format.
    • Sign Up Stats Show you how many signups your membership site earned in a particular time period.
    • Cancelation Stats Show you how many members canceled in a specific time period.
    • Member Interest Stats Show you how interested people are in your membership site and help you improve retention.
    • Retention Stats Show you what are your retention rates during a particular time period.
  • Content Reports give you big picture about your membership content and how much interest it generates.
    • Content View Stats shows you how many views content has generated and top 10 content by view.
    • Members Count by Module Shows you how many members are currently having access to particular module. Handy if you want to know exact content sequence reporting.
    • Member Count by Package Shows you count of members by Package.
  • Revenue Reports These reports give you a snapshot view of revenues your membership site is generating.
    • Sales Reports Show you how many sales your membership site has generated over a period of time.
    • Re-billing Reports Show you how many rebilling happened over a period of time.
  • Export Report Data With all these reports, you have option to export report data as a CSV file. Very useful if you want to keep backup of your reports data and save it on your computer for your record.

Help and Support

  • User Guide Download complete how to guide in PDF format beautifully illustrating all the aspects of Constant Continuity in form of step by step instructions, images and illustrations.
  • Video Tutorials help button is provided on every major screen of the system so you can see video help and learn system fast.
  • Help Desk avail 24/7/365 to help you answer queries in matter of minutes.
  • Live Chat operators available to answer your questions 24/7/365 on live chat system.
  • Phone Support call us if you have any issues or need to talk to a representative of our company. You will always find our friendly staff at your service and ready to help.


Starter Package

39$ / month
  • 500 Members

  • 1 Website

  • 1 GB Video hosting space

Bronze Package

Our most popular plan.
69$ / month
  • 1000 Members

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  • 3 Websites

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur.

  • 5 GB Video hosting space

Silver Package

Scalability and Efficiency.
99$ / month
  • 3000 Members

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur.

  • 15 Websites

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur.

  • 10 GB Video hosting space

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